Mulling over a few ideas

I’m fairly busy with my thinking at the moment. My third year project a “personal financial portfolio management” application means that I’ve been getting my head around covariance functions and Risk Metrics™. As well as all this I’ve been exploring SVG and XSLT recently. Adobe have an excellent example of this technology in action, using XSLT to transform a CMLdocument into an SVG representation, to view the demo you’ll need an SVG capable browser or a plugin such as adobes. I’ve also been working on a few prototypes to my CSS template and hope to put up a new Netscape 4 friendlier version in the next week or so.

Just finished my Exams

Well a new year and a new semester. Anyway now I’ve finished revising for the last of my exams (today) I’ve been able to add a little bit to my site. I’ve updated my CSS template again (version 1.2) after a little feedback on it. This Version now offers alternate stylesheets for those browsers that support them.

Barcelona: I’ve added some pages about my trip to Barcelona on the site.

Back from Barcelona

I have just returned from Barcelona Spain this last week. It is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions if your in any way intrested in architecture or art. Coupled with these are the vibrant street artists populating the famous Las Ramblas walk. There’s also plenty of opportunity to be fleeced of you’re Spanish money if you’re slightly gullible to the street “entertainment” of little balls under matchboxes.

If you’re thinking anbout buying an FC Barcelona Football shirt don’t be embarrassed about hagling a little in the shops on Las Ramblas. The first full day I was in Barcelona I took the opportunity of exploring the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s stadium (an excellent tour in my opinion). In the Nike store there replica shirts were selling for about 9995 ptas. On Las Ramblas the shirts were marked up at 14000 ptas. Hmm the official Nike store charging less for replica shirts than the small operators, was this believable, I think not! I’m sure they’ve sold a few shirts at that price to British and American tourists who were, how shall I say this, suckers. It was fairly easy to haggle down to around 8000 ptas and if you were prepared to spend a little more time bargaining you could probably get it lower, but hey I had a holiday to get on and experience!

I’m planning on getting a new PC this week so when I have that up and running and my photos get back from development I’ll put up a few pictures or the trip. There is some crazy architecture in Barca that’s for sure.