Mozilla Splash Screen

If you’ve been using the Mozilla browser you should be familiar with the splash screen that appears while the browser is loading (at least on some platforms). Personally I’m not a big fan of the screen, luckily there is a way to change it.

Instructions for the Windows Distribution: Put a bitmap image called mozilla.bmp in the folder where you’re mozilla executable is located. That’s it. Here are a couple of sample bitmap files I’ve quickly knocked up Splash screen one [based on a graphic from the Mozilla ODP] & Splash screen two.

It’s even got partial CSS 3 Support, but still a bit buggy As well as claiming support for CSS1 and 2, Mozilla is also claiming to partially support CSS3. Full support is of course impossible as CSS3 is still a work in progress. I discovered what I think is a bug today, reported it as bug number 149602.