Trying to get my project done

Things are pretty hectic for me at the moment, I’m trying to keep on top of my ever increasing amount of work I’ve got to do at University, I think I work better under a little stress though so it’s not all bad. I’m currently working on a new section for the site, no hints as to what it is going to be but I’m aiming to put it on-line in 1 weeks time (early March) so come back to check it out. I’ve been getting a bit of traffic from Jim’s Web Accessibility Weblog recently, his site discusses accessibility issues and has some interesting ideas.

Mulling over a few ideas

I’m fairly busy with my thinking at the moment. My third year project a “personal financial portfolio management” application means that I’ve been getting my head around covariance functions and Risk Metrics™. As well as all this I’ve been exploring SVG and XSLT recently. Adobe have an excellent example of this technology in action, using XSLT to transform a CMLdocument into an SVG representation, to view the demo you’ll need an SVG capable browser or a plugin such as adobes. I’ve also been working on a few prototypes to my CSS template and hope to put up a new Netscape 4 friendlier version in the next week or so.