Archived some of the old stuff, I’m messing about on the site

I’ve basically just stashed it in a few pages and linked to them, I’m using server side includes to manage it all at the moment, none of that fancy weblog software is used (as I’m sure you can tell). I’m also just adding a few new pages here and there full of silly stuff to lighten the atmosphere a little. I’ve also just become an editor at so that should be fun.

Not much happening, a few new browsers

Well with some heavy preparations going on for my final year project (due in a little over a month) I’ve not been putting in too much work on the website (this update should have been posted a few days ago infact!), although I’ve hatched a few plans for when I’m not so busy. My spare time has been filled in playing Unreal Tournament, and downloading obscure browsers. One of these browsers is x-smiles 0.5, this is an XML browser for more obscure devices. It makes a passible rendering of XHTML pages, messy HTML dies though. It also supports the mobile media type specified by the w3c web standards group.
I still think I need a few more browsers to add to my collection. I would really like an audio browser so I can experiment with aural style sheets, speaking of which seems to be quite cool demo, although incorporating it on my website would be a little expensive.
This Page seems to be evolving into a weblog style format, hmmmm time for some organisation I think, I’ll probably start a rolling archive of the stuff I write here to my personal section, it’ll probably motivate me to write more as I won’t be so concerned about clogging up my home page, with lots of stuff.

Design Change & New Site Area

As you start browsing the site you should notice a little bit of a breadcrumb trail appear at the top of the page to help you locate where you are in my website (Because I’m sure you’re going to get lost in the five pages of content I have!).
Yes I’m finally going to start justifying my use of the .com at the end of my site address and start selling some books and stuff (well not really, I’m just linking to pages on to get a modest commission.) Before you think I’ve turned into a commercial monster though, I’m not going to start putting up banner ads, or any of that nonsense. It’s quite small at the moment but will be categorised into sections dealing with different web design topics, like CSS, along with mini reviews for those books that I have actually read.