If you are looking for articles on Web development then this area of the site will provide them. This area of the site will concentrate on how authors can use the latest technologies to deliver content in a manner that best meets the need of a wide range of people, from those surfing using aural browsers to those with large plasma screens. The design of a website is a vitally important issue, accessibility is not just about catering to people with disabilities, it’s about really catering to the widest potential audience.

Articles I have written

As this is a new area of the site there are not many articles available that I have written.

  • URNs and bibliographic citations in web authoring This article explaing the relationship between URNs, URIs and URLs, it also gives practical examples of URNs in use as well as arguments promoting the use of URNs in academic and technical writing published on the internet.
  • Definition Lists This article explains what definition lists are and how they are can be used. It also mentions advanced topics such as dynamically creating glossaries, and content management.
  • Abbr vs Acronym Article explaining the differences between theses two often misused tags. It is an attempt to clear up the some confusion relating to the acronym and the abbreviation elements in HTML specification.

Accessibility Resources

Here is a list of some articles and resources which relate to web accessibility. (External Links the the Making Connections Unit)

  • CSS and Accessibility Outlines some of the problems that can occur when CSS and HTML are not used together properly.
  • Table Manners Creating accessible tables, a good practical article.