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Well this section of the site contains my CSS layout templates (see below) as well as various articles on web development and authoring.

The templates are freely redistributable for noncommercial use under the terms of their license. Since moving to WordPress the templates aren’t used on this site any more.

CSS Layout Templates

The templates available for download are divided into three main groups. The first group is for people who want to recreate common, one, two or three column layouts which are also popular table layout styles. The second group are layouts which are a little bit different and demonstrate how CSS can be used to produce more interesting designs. The third group is targeted at online forums and commenting systems. It tries to combine structural XHTML with CSS to provide an elegantly minimal interface.

The templates below are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

“Column” Layout Templates, with print style sheet

Demonstration / Funky Layout Templates

Discussion / Message Board Layout Templates

This resource is provided to help people who want to make the move from table based sites to the more fluid CSS style. Many other people have used my templates, so make sure you modify them a bit to create a new style for your site! I do not want to be responsible for hordes of identical web sites. These templates have been tested in Version 6 of the main PC browsers, they use valid XHTML and CSS but use them at your own risk!

Download Templates as a zip file [approx 218kb]

CSS Elsewhere on the web

The Open Directory Project has a category for this kind of thing.

If you know of a site that provides CSS layout style sheets [and isn’t already listed] then submit it to the directory.

Links to more web development resources are available on my links page.

Old Versions on this site

If for some reason you want to get hold of the older versions of my layout templates then check out the following

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