Not much happening, a few new browsers

Well with some heavy preparations going on for my final year project (due in a little over a month) I’ve not been putting in too much work on the website (this update should have been posted a few days ago infact!), although I’ve hatched a few plans for when I’m not so busy. My spare time has been filled in playing Unreal Tournament, and downloading obscure browsers. One of these browsers is x-smiles 0.5, this is an XML browser for more obscure devices. It makes a passible rendering of XHTML pages, messy HTML dies though. It also supports the mobile media type specified by the w3c web standards group.
I still think I need a few more browsers to add to my collection. I would really like an audio browser so I can experiment with aural style sheets, speaking of which seems to be quite cool demo, although incorporating it on my website would be a little expensive.
This Page seems to be evolving into a weblog style format, hmmmm time for some organisation I think, I’ll probably start a rolling archive of the stuff I write here to my personal section, it’ll probably motivate me to write more as I won’t be so concerned about clogging up my home page, with lots of stuff.