WebStandards.org Relaunched Today

The long awaited relaunch of the WebStandards web site has taken place today. Theold site concentrated it’s evangelistic efforts towards the people programming the new wave of web browsers, the second phase of the web standards project is directed more towards those creating the websites.

A New Buzz? The relauch is intended to change both the scope and the attitude of the project. Introduced is a new blog populated by many of the new members of the WaSP team. The next few days look as though they are going to be quite interesting, with regards to webstandards.

A New Style! The newly designed style sheeet for the WaSP has been designed by Eric Costello and Todd Fahrner, they have managed to resist the pixel defined text sizing temptation. Having a look at the source code for the page reveals something interesting though, a commented out javascript text resizing utility, it looks like we’ve narrowly avoided the javascript widget mania. Javascript workarounds just don’t cut it in my opinion, if I want to choose a different size for my typeface I’ll use my browsers inbuilt method rather than messing with a Dynamic HTML widget. I spend far more time on the rest of the web than I do on any of these particular designers websites, so I am not going to spend the effort to customise a site I only visit for a couple of minutes a day at most. A web page should be focused on delivering information to the web user, the user interface is the responsibility of the web browser, not the web page.