Counter Plagiarism

Looking through the user agent logs of my website I came across an interesting entry for a crawler calledSlySearch/1.0 this is the crawler for an anti-plagiarism application. This application indexes the text of various web pages. To use the application a paper is submitted, the application then analyses the web pages in its index to determine if any uncited copying has occurred. Having a look on their website it was quite interesting to read about the techniques they use to identify and determine the extent of the plagiarism. Plagiarism Warning! Due to this it can be seen that copying any of the reports I have made available on this site is now more likely to be discovered and appropriately dealt with. The moral is clear don’t copy (or “adapt”) work you find on the Net and claim it as your own, in addition to be a copyright violation, the chances of being caught have increased (at least if you are copying from this site).