Microsoft Shutting out Mozilla

A few month ago Microsoft came under fire for shutting out users from their popular MSN site, now they’re telling users of the latest Mozilla browser that they should upgrade to a newer browser, Netscape 4.08 or later.

I came across this while my girlfriend was using my computer to sign up to a new hotmail account. I have the newly released Mozilla 1.0 installed as my default browser so she was using that, next thing you know she saw an interesting message
Link to Screen shot showing Hotmail signup rejecting Latest Mozilla browser and suggesting the user should 'upgrade' to Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4.08!

Back to their old tricks? Looks like Microsoft have turned back to their lockout strategy, they may let browsers like Opera through, only after serving them a different “you should upgrade” page, but it seems like they are overly reliant on dodgy browser sniffing technology (or particularly targeted sniffing?) Whatever there doing I found it hilarious that they suggested I should upgrade to Netscape 4.08, yeah right.