Total Information Awareness

I’ve stumbled across a few interesting articles recently regarding civil liberties, relax I’m not getting all warblogger I am just interested in the technological and social ramifications of this stuff. In fact I may even take bets (if I was a betting man) on how much money the British government is going to spend while they screw up the indentity card scheme they’re intent on introducing. Lets face it, introducing new information technology is not this governments strongpoint, cases in point the Home Office and the MOD (check out the list of screw ups at the bottom of that last link). Read a report on system failure.

At least the Government has not openly introduced anything like the TIA system those lucky Americans are going to enjoy.

One benefit of the system is that it may prevent your population desiring to learn more about the potential conflict in Iraq and it’s background from sources in the area, like this one. While reading comments elsewhere I came across this gem:

I’m curious to check out websites from around the world, especially in the middle east, to get a different view of what is going on, but am entirely too afraid that I may be black-listed or linked to a terrorist group.

But thats ok because if you are innocent you have nothing to fear, good citizen.

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