Interesting newsreader

I’ve been investigating a few new newsreaders recently, although I’m reasonably happy withAggie it isn’t fitting into my workflow as nicely as I would like. I’ve been evaluating a couple of potential replacements, such asnewsmonster but the one that has me really interested is nntp//rss.

This newsreader ties together RSS and NNTP, this is well suited to me as I spend a lot of time reading emails and catching up with my newsgroups, the aggregation runs in the background as well, altogether it doesn’t require as much effort (or another desktop icon), just like it should be.

One initial drawback was the lack of autodiscovery and integration with my web browser, however I wrote a bookmarklet that takes care of that. So if you download and install rss/nnttp come back here and get my bookmarklet (subscribe). Unfortunately it won’t work well if you try to subscribe to different sites on the same host, however I will work around that after I’ve had some sleep!

This bookmarklet was released for version 0.2 of nntp//rss. For further info on bookmarklets see