New Camera

I’ve just shelled out for a new digital camera, I’ve got a holiday to Madrid coming up soon and wanted a better camera on which to take the pictures. I’ve been playing around with it all morning, using my TV as a view finder has been fun ūüôā As with my¬†barcelona trip a few months ago, I’ll put the pictures up on this site after I return. One difference though is that I will not be putting the pictures through a dodgy scanner this time so I should be able to improve the quality.

The Browser Upgrade Initiative

The web standards project has been retooling for a while now, and following their¬†original advice I’ve provided my own web page dealing with the standards compliance issue. There are the standard links to the popular CSS friendly browsers, as well as a few braille and aural user agents. One of the benefits of looking around for browsers to add to the list has been the discovery of new browsers that I hadn’t heard of before, or had forgotten about. The list is by no means comprehensive though, and if any one knows of a browser for the Amiga that supports CSS2 (to some degree) then let me know.

Interesting Discussions

Thanks to that great application known as the internet I’ve been able to learn something recently (in between all the revising I’ve been doing). The difference between acronym and the abbreviation tag are somewhat vague in the HTML specification, however you can check out the interesting discussion I had on this subject and learn all about it,¬†Acronym vs Abbr. (I’m still rolling out the changes I am making as a result of this discussion.)

Quick Pointer

Thought I might as well put a pointer into¬†this site before someone beats me to it. It’s a link to a few fairly basic CSS templates which I quite liked. I haven’t tested these in any browser other than Opera 6, so I don’t know what they look like on other browsers. As always you can check out my own stylesheet stuff in the webdev area of my site.

As I’ve nothing better to do

I’ve become quite interested in how my site ranks in Google for certain search terms. The most popular term used to find my site is¬†css¬†templates. I’m quite pleased with where I am on google with that search term (number 3 last time I checked).

Summer Time

Yes it’s that time of the year to begin planning for the summer again. I’ve booked a trip to Madrid in Spain for the end of june. That promises to be good, hopefully I’ll still be able to see England do well in the¬†World Cup, especially if they beat Spain. Other than this trip I don’t really have any concrete plans at the moment, I have the option of working again this summer, but I haven’t decided if that is what I want to do yet. I am thinking of doing a bit of a project this summer to keep me amused, perhaps a¬†very big update to the site. Something to look at to while away a bit of time¬†Thumb Wars, this is really cool, check out the previews.

Life as Usual

Well I haven’t made any updates to the site for a few days since I’m focusing on my third year project at the moment. Here’s a recent addition to the site, entitled “Think Outside of the Box“.

As I’ve not done much here are a few links.
Zerost? All about Exploring Urban Areas.
First Textpad a nice text editor for windows. I’ve recently downloaded it to try it out and I’m really starting to like it (I really like the syntax highlighting features).
Unreal Tourament Player? I really like these downloadable Unreal Torunament Maps.
Bored? Why not try a new pastime, surfing robots.txt files. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, nevermind, if you do, why not see if you can make any “Discoveries” on your favourite websites. email me the domain name of the most interesting results.

Big Update to the Site

I’ve just uploaded a new batch of¬†CSS templates. The templates are freely available so¬†take a look, they are mainly concerned with using CSS for layout techniques. If you have any comments, or you know of any sites I might be interested in linking to, send me an email.