Just a short note

Well If you’re reading this then you have been succesfully redirected to my new host! I’ve not posted the last couple of days while waiting for the DNS to fully propogate, In the meantime what have I been upto? Well getting back to university for a start, yes after another summer excursion into the realms of full-time employment I venture back into the rarefied aptmosphere of academic life. On the web front you may want to check out the new pheonix release from the Mozilla organisation, its not as fully featured as the real Mozilla releases but it is definately worth checking out as a lightweight browser, bear in mind though that it is only version 0.1 so problems are to be expected.

In the meantime I’ve been getting back into reading mode and I am currently working through a book, written by Garret Mattingly, about The Defeat of Spanish Armada, as I took geography as my “humanities” subject at school my historical knowledge of this subject is a little brief so I thought it best to educate myself concerning it. In the course og my reading I have encountered a new word,magniloquent. This caused me to reflect on how my learning of general vocabulary had seemed to diminish to a large extent, reading books from other disciplines has been a refreshing course of action for me.