CSS stylesheet for RSS

I’ve been working on a style sheet for simple styling of RSS feeds. I’ll get around to including it in my CSS templates zip file soon, however for the time being here is a link to the the CSS in all it’s glory. I’ll admit to it being quite basic at the moment, but at least it is a little easier on the eye than a block of text with no formatting. To call the CSS file you can use the XML stylesheet instruction
<?xml-stylesheet href="style.css" type="text/css"?>

The site has been experienceing server problems recently but I am planning a move to another host in the near future. Because of this some of my plans for the site have been put on hold until I have moved hosts and have the oportunity to develop my site on the new setup. Look forward to more RSS feeds in addition to the articles feed I already have.

If your interested in learning more about RSS I can recommend rss.benhammersley.com and www.diveintomark.org for starters.