Valid HTML

A few days ago Marko Karppinen released the latest results on his analysis of validity of the W3 member homepages. The table below compares the results of this latest analysis with the previous results, released Aug 22nd 2002 and Feb22nd 2002.

Number of pages tested Number of valid pages % of valid pages
Feb 02 501 18 3.7%
Aug 02 454 21 4.6%
Feb 03 429 28 6.5%

There is an slow improvement in the validity of the homepages analysed, but the total validating is still very small. However it is favourable contrasted with the percentage of validating pages, 0.7%, gathered from a more general analysis of the validity of the web.

The home page of a member of the W3 is over 9 times more likely to validate than an average page.