Setting up a serious development system

The time has finally come that all my programming projects are getting a little bit unwieldy to manage, version control consisting of backing up all the files now and again to a different directory. I’ve finally got around to installing CVS on my computer. One of the advantages of this is that my project folders have suddenly become a lot more organised as I can just keep old projects in the CVS and out of my frequently used folders.

After setting all this up I’m beginning to feel more like a serious programmer, my development tools are taking shape. As I am a bit of a geek I’ll give you a rundown of what my current programming setup is like.

  • CVSNT – versioning control system.
  • TortoiseCVS – Graphical CVS Interface for Windows.
  • Textpad – Favourite text editor (It’s that good I even registered my copy!)
  • .Net SDK – Big download, but the reference is invaluable, and the command line tools are good.
  • Visual Studio 6 – I can’t afford the VS.Net yet as they haven’t released a student edition yet.
  • CYGWin Bash ShellNTEmacs – For when I want to do the unix vibe.
  • Active State Perl – Because its just so damn useful.

Add a few batch scripts I’ve written, a few custom macros and commands to integrate my text editor with the .Net command line tools and voila, a nice little development system.