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The W3C released a final call on several RDF working drafts, I’ve been reading over the RDF primer and getting more of a feel for how RDF can be used, one of the most interesting parts is section six which introduces some existing RDF applications, it’s nice to see it being used for something other than RSS!

I really like this. One of my favourite blogs, SarahHatter.com, has just posted a really interesting entry, anyway it helps to break up the endless technical stuff I end up reading most of the time.

Ten fold strong with the Tech. Lets get back on topic shall we, I’ve been having a couple of feature issues with implementing the functionality I want on my RSS feed. Basically I was questioning whether I could use xml:lang to identify the language in my post descriptions, I found a well thought out answer over on RSS-Dev, along with some feedback on my idea of including namespaced XHTML in my RSS feed.