Sagrada Familla

Entrance of the Sagrada Familla Cathedral, detail shows the crucificion of Christ

The Sagrada Familla was one of the first places I visited in Barcelona. The cathedral is still under construction, it began in 1882! In 1891 the architect Antonio Gaudi, who had a widespread impact in the Barcelona region, took over and continued the work introducing his own expresionist style to the design.

The picture shows a depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, this face of the cathedral shows several scenes from this period of Christ’s ministry, including the carrying of the cross (bottom right of the main picture) and the betrayal by Judas.

The four spires shown contain steps which can be climbed for a great view of the city. However they are quite narrow and can prompt sudden bouts of vertigo. The interior of the cathedral is also quite interesting and if ever completed will be an interesting place to worship to say the least.