Pure CSS Popup Menus

CSS guru Eric Meyer has come up with some good CSS trickery in the past, now he’s just released a pure CSS popup menu, and not a bit of Javascript in sight. This demo only works in the latest versions of Mozilla (RC2 and up) and Netscape 7 (not sure if this is past the developers release yet), if yo visit the site using another CSS aware browser then you get to see just the top level of menu items, if you visit in a non CSS aware browser then you get the menu displayed in a nested list. No browser sniffing neccesary here.

Not the only one This technique have also been developed independantly by at least two others, check out Inigo’s version and Porter’s version. Yep CSS trickery is on it’s way up.

WebStandards.org Relaunched Today

The long awaited relaunch of the WebStandards web site has taken place today. Theold site concentrated it’s evangelistic efforts towards the people programming the new wave of web browsers, the second phase of the web standards project is directed more towards those creating the websites.

A New Buzz? The relauch is intended to change both the scope and the attitude of the project. Introduced is a new blog populated by many of the new members of the WaSP team. The next few days look as though they are going to be quite interesting, with regards to webstandards.

A New Style! The newly designed style sheeet for the WaSP has been designed by Eric Costello and Todd Fahrner, they have managed to resist the pixel defined text sizing temptation. Having a look at the source code for the page reveals something interesting though, a commented out javascript text resizing utility, it looks like we’ve narrowly avoided the javascript widget mania. Javascript workarounds just don’t cut it in my opinion, if I want to choose a different size for my typeface I’ll use my browsers inbuilt method rather than messing with a Dynamic HTML widget. I spend far more time on the rest of the web than I do on any of these particular designers websites, so I am not going to spend the effort to customise a site I only visit for a couple of minutes a day at most. A web page should be focused on delivering information to the web user, the user interface is the responsibility of the web browser, not the web page.

Splash Screens Revisited

While I was browsing today I came across a link on Craig Saila’s site that pointed to a site containing some alternate splash screens for the Mozilla browser. This prompted me to add another of my own splash screen designs. The first two splash screens I designed were quite subdued, my latest effort is similar but it is a little darker. The thumbnail images below link to bitmap image files, this is the file type which is needed for the splash screen customisation to work.

The latest version:
The latest alternate Mozilla startup splash screen[jpeg version]

The orignal efforts:
The first alternate Mozilla startup splash screen[jpeg version]The second alternate Mozilla startup splash screen[jpeg version]

Mozilla Splash Screen

If you’ve been using the Mozilla browser you should be familiar with the splash screen that appears while the browser is loading (at least on some platforms). Personally I’m not a big fan of the screen, luckily there is a way to change it.

Instructions for the Windows Distribution: Put a bitmap image called mozilla.bmp in the folder where you’re mozilla executable is located. That’s it. Here are a couple of sample bitmap files I’ve quickly knocked up Splash screen one [based on a graphic from the Mozilla ODP] & Splash screen two.

It’s even got partial CSS 3 Support, but still a bit buggy As well as claiming support for CSS1 and 2, Mozilla is also claiming to partially support CSS3. Full support is of course impossible as CSS3 is still a work in progress. I discovered what I think is a bug today, reported it as bug number 149602.

Mozilla 1.0 Released

Yes it’s finally happened Mozilla 1.0 has been released. I moved up to Mozilla RC3 a few days ago and now its all happening again! This release of a fully mature browser is an important step in the Mozilla story. It has been a long time coming but now it is here a real challenge to Internet Explorer can occur, not to foster fragmentation of the web (such as during the “Browser Wars”) but to promote standards based design among web designers.

Messing about

My brother was reformatting the hard disk of his computer the other day, why he felt the need to take the casing off the computer while he was doing it I’ve no idea, here are some photos.

Inside of the computer, showing motherboard, ram and cablesThe computer undergoing a low level format

Counter Plagiarism

Looking through the user agent logs of my website I came across an interesting entry for a crawler calledSlySearch/1.0 this is the crawler for an anti-plagiarism application. This application indexes the text of various web pages. To use the application a paper is submitted, the application then analyses the web pages in its index to determine if any uncited copying has occurred. Having a look on their website it was quite interesting to read about the techniques they use to identify and determine the extent of the plagiarism. Plagiarism Warning! Due to this it can be seen that copying any of the reports I have made available on this site is now more likely to be discovered and appropriately dealt with. The moral is clear don’t copy (or “adapt”) work you find on the Net and claim it as your own, in addition to be a copyright violation, the chances of being caught have increased (at least if you are copying from this site).

Favourite Blogs

At the bottom of this page I’ve replaced my current favourite CD’s with my current favourite blogs, I’ve recently started reading In Spite of Years of Silence, why is it one of my favourites? I’m not really sure, the writing style does seem to engage me, it is a fairly personal weblog (compared to the ones I normally read), anyway I just like it.

New Camera

I’ve just shelled out for a new digital camera, I’ve got a holiday to Madrid coming up soon and wanted a better camera on which to take the pictures. I’ve been playing around with it all morning, using my TV as a view finder has been fun 🙂 As with my barcelona trip a few months ago, I’ll put the pictures up on this site after I return. One difference though is that I will not be putting the pictures through a dodgy scanner this time so I should be able to improve the quality.

The Browser Upgrade Initiative

The web standards project has been retooling for a while now, and following their original advice I’ve provided my own web page dealing with the standards compliance issue. There are the standard links to the popular CSS friendly browsers, as well as a few braille and aural user agents. One of the benefits of looking around for browsers to add to the list has been the discovery of new browsers that I hadn’t heard of before, or had forgotten about. The list is by no means comprehensive though, and if any one knows of a browser for the Amiga that supports CSS2 (to some degree) then let me know.