Pie Menus

There has been a bit of a buzz lately about Pie menus. This has been prompted by the availability of an mouse gestures add-in for Mozilla. My interest has been peaked because as a player of the Sims I have been using them quite a bit without realising it. I think it is interesting to note that my non-technical girlfriend got into playing the game very quickly and didn’t need guiding through any of the menu options. The ease with which they can be used by non-technical personnel leads me to believe that they may have an important role to play in future HCI development.

Mozilla Addons

After Mark Pilgrim mentioned an extension to Mozilla that allows “rich editing” of content in a text area I thought I should mention a few of my favourite Mozilla utilities.

  • Calendar – A nice calendar that is compatible with iCal files.
  • Annozilla – A useful utility that allows users to attach annotations to any webpage, useful demonstration of a w3c idea.
  • RSSzilla – Still needs work doing but should become an interesting project when it gets going.

One useful way to keep on top of your favourite projects is to point your news reader [Usenet news reader that is] tonews.mozdev.org for mozdev projects or the netscape.public.mozilla.* newsgroups for the core projects.

Chronicles of a CMS

I am currently developing a content management system for this website, you can read about how it is going by reading my short feature article about the CMS development, it begins by explaining the development process I am undertaking.

Why use a CMS? I guess I’m just bored of the cut and paste HTML editing I do on this personal site. I have recently changed my hosting provider to one with some scripting capability so I am finally going to be able to implement all the cool ideas I have floating around in my head, you can see the development of the system and read a little bit more about my reasoning in Chronicles of a CMS.

Top signs you’ve been scripting too much. see what the consensus was on a recent Usenet discussion.